our mission

We are on a mission to change the perception that low calorie alcoholic drinks have to tastebad or be full of sugar or artificial ingredients.

We strive to provide a remarkable drinking alternative that’s delivered in an ethical andsustainable way, so you can have a good-time guilt-free.

Our Belief

We’re unapologetically particular about the food we consume, why should our choice ofalcoholic drinks be any different?

We believe you should Drink Better, Drink with Purpose and Support Local.We also believe everyone can live a vibrant lifestyle and have a good-time guilt-free!

After all, life is too short to not enjoy the party.

Live a Little.™ Makes SENTZ®



We designed SENTZ, our fruity alcoholic sparkling water, with today’s discerning drinker inmind. Where most pre-prepared alcoholic drinks are full of additives, carbs and calories,SENTZ is different. We've balanced calcium, magnesium and potassium with high-quality,100% natural ingredients to create a deliciously different alcoholic alternative. Boasting zerosugar, zero carbs, its gluten free and vegan too. (4% ABV and 28 calories per 100ml).


We couldn’t create SENTZ without acknowledging the many communities throughout theworld without basic access to clean, fresh drinking water. For every 330ml can of SENTZpurchased, we pledge 19L of clean drinking water to the people who need it most. Wecurrently work with partners across 13 countries worldwide. We want you to enjoy ourdrinks knowing you made a purchase with purpose. Makes SENTZ.


We’re independent, honest and proud of our British roots. We manufacture SENTZ in Britainfor the UK, supporting local businesses and families. We’ve also gone to great lengths to usesparkling British spring water which is filtered through the Oolitic Limestone of the CotswoldHills, south west England.


You’re invited to join TEAM SENTZ and gain exclusive offers and invitations.

Share the love and meet like-minded people with our monthly meet-ups.

Everyone deserves a high-quality alcoholic alternative that’s clean, light, tastes amazing andis fully transparent on ingredient sourcing, nutritional information and impact on theplanet… so you can make an informed decision, join us and have a good time guilt-free!

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